Pocket Pussies

Pocket pussies are the perfect accessories for men because they come in so many different styles and sizes. They’re also convenient and discreet, as hot as a juicy, wet cunt and always available to service your needs. Pocket pussies will significantly intensify your orgasms, and though some are more expensive, the experience is absolutely worth those extra pennies. Impale your hard cock in some of these pocket pussies:

Beaded/ribbed pocket pussies – These pocket pussies come with a little extra special lining on the vaginal walls. The beaded nubs or ribs will create unbelievably pleasurable sensations when you pump away. It’ll feel as though your cock is being gently massaged by a skillful pierced tongue.

Jelly/latex/silicone pocket pussies – Unlike other sex toys, pocket pussies can only be made from soft materials. Jelly, latex, and silicone are very soft but not elastic, so these pocket pussies can swallow your cock in a tight fit.

Pocket pussies with an ass – How about some anal sex to complete the night? These pocket pussies come with an ass; you can grab it while you’re spearing that pussy with your hard cock or you can thrust away with some anal play.

Pornstar pocket pussies – Molded like the hot cunt of a sexy porn star, these pocket pussies let you watch on screen while you pump away in real life. Unbelievably tight and soft for stimulation, porn star pocket pussies look real and feel even better. The material is usually something soft and life-like so that you get the most out of the experience.

Pocket pussies are fun to play with because they are always available, coming in so many different styles and sizes to fit all of your fantasies. They will grip your aching cock in such an exquisite way, you’ll blow your load in no time. Of course, always remember to use lubrication to get that slick and smooth feel of a woman’s juices.

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